Financial Services

The powerful combination of our life solutions and our expertise in the financial areas below, paves the way for your vision to become real.

Multiple Strategy, goals-based approach to Investing
Aligning strategies with investor goals, this program focuses on implementing multiple portfolios explicitly designed to meet your objectives.

Financial Management

Cash Flow Management

With solutions customized to meet your individual needs and circumstances, this program provides cash flow management, optimized use of, and access to capital and timing flexibility, internet account access and specialist financing options.

Accounting & Bill Payment
Our program encompasses accounting and cash flow tracking, automated bill payment, real-time record-keeping and access, and data aggregation.

Estate Planning
Our Legacy program helps balance your personal desires for positive impact and flexibility with more pragmatic concerns, such as tax efficiency, disposition of assets, and management and protection of your assets.

Risk Management
With the mission of protecting your income, your family, your legacy and all that you’ve accomplished, our program provides insight and counsel. We assess if, when and how various risk management strategies can be activated to safeguard your lifestyle and fulfill your goals.


Joan’s Story
An active single woman in her sixties, Joan was conservative and cautious, relying on bonds to preserve her wealth. When changes in the market forced her to reassess her investment strategy, Joan approached Total Capital Advisors, thinking she simply needed to adjust her portfolio. We didn’t see her problem as one-dimensional. Our consultations with Joan revealed her confusion regarding estate planning. TCA’s insight provided Joan financial wellness and harmony by offering strategies to address her concerns about equitable obligations to her two sons, while preserving her current lifestyle.