Debt Restructuring

Kreye Partners improves the capital and profits for companies suffering from financial stress through debt reductions and work outs that enhance your company’s chances of making a successful turnaround.

As a result of various monetary demands, our clients are forced to deal with legal pressures, collection agents and other events that distract management from the primary needs of the business. Our debt restructing process will give management time to concentrate on collecting your receivables and conducting business while we quickly handle a work out with creditors.

This voluntary work out program avoids bankruptcy while completely restructuring your corporate debt, positioning your company for a rapid return to profitability. The work out enables your business to reap most of the benefits of a bankruptcy filing without suffering the drawbacks and expense of the protracted bankruptcy process.


“KreyePartners strategy not only increased our working capital but gave us the time and the ability to focus our attention on changing our business model.”

Greg Hdad,
Hooked Inc.