Work Out

Our priority is to negotiate for an immediate and rapid settlement of all troublesome debt and relieve our clients of the burdens associated with creditor and debtor processes. A swift response is essential to ensure any overdue or delinquent debt does not deteriorate into legal proceedings and involve the additional costs of legal fees, court costs and compounding interest. Our system has an assignment success rate of more than 90 percent.

Our initial engagement period is 90 days and during this time we would expect to resolve most of our client’s pressing debt issues. Our continued success in this traditionally challenging area has been attributed to:
• An open non-adversarial approach to creditors, which enables our clients to maintain continuity with their lenders, investors, bond/note holders, vendors, and customers
• Defining and setting strict deadlines for settlement agreements
• Encouraging the free flow of information between all interested parties

In the workout process, immediate action is also essential for success with Accounts Receivable. The US Chamber of Commerce records that the chances of ever collecting on an account which is 90+ days delinquent declines at the rate of 15 percent per month thereafter. (These statistics are further deteriorating in the present economic climate).

Our objective is to recover all possible outstanding accounts within 30 days of receiving instructions and it is likely that the Company will start receiving the first payments within 14 days of our commencing operations.

If you are in the need of debt restructuring, contact us today for an initial consultation.

Kreye Partners LLC is not a law firm nor does it provide legal advice. Suitable legal counsel can be arranged if required


“I am pleased to be able to recommend this firm and their services. They have provided a prompt and effective service for our corporate clients. In particular, their expertise in negotiating and discounting debt has proven invaluable.”

Doug Davenport,
Davenport Business Services