Steps to Recovery

Once we have completed our workout process, we can negotiate for a restructuring of the remaining debt. This combination of debt reduction and restructuring is the key to radically reshaping the company’s balance sheet, profit and loss, and opening the door for a swift return to profitability.

All successfully retired delinquent debt will be deleted from the company’s credit record as a condition of settlement. The company’s new credit standing/rating will invariably open up new sources of debt/equity funding which would otherwise be unavailable.

Our service has generated substantial increases in shareholder value for our publicly held corporate clients and has done much to increase the sale/merger value of privately controlled companies.

Kreye Partners LLC is not a law firm nor does it provide legal advice. Suitable legal counsel can be arranged if required


“I am pleased to report that ‘KP’ far out performed their projections, with an average pay off discount of 42.3% on our portfolio of equipment leases.”

Ron Ford
Jet Solutions, LLC